Used to be really into weight lifting and sports in highschool and I need a summer hobby so I’m thinking about starting a fitness blog to keep track of my experiences with it , would anyone be interested in following it ??

I think it’s a good idea :-)

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The Bulky Bear Sez: “Don’t Forget Leg Day, Kids!”

Arms, chests, shoulders, necks, backs, bellies and butts—these are often the focus of our non-genital physical attractions in this, the cult of the masculine macromarkers that we’ve made and called a “bear community.”  Along with beards, pelts and fur of various degree, color and pattern, we sweat, breathe hard and spring boners for the arms we want wrapped around us, the chests we want pressed against us, the shoulders we want to grab, the necks we want to nip and nuzzle, and the backs, bellies and butts that most of us want to straddle after one fashion or another.  Oh, and hot junk, too, of course.

But I’m telling ya fellas, before you go out to the gym or break out the weight bench in your garage to forge these coveted manly manifestations of muscle for your very own—for the appropriate grabbing, wrapping, pressing, straddling, etc—please, DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR LEGS.  All of the rest has to be supported by those lower limbs, and you’re almost always better off working ALL of your muscles—both health-wise and in terms of aesthetic proportion.  And speaking of limbs, if you sprout big bulk on top, you’d better hope they’re trunks and not twigs because NOTHING has that special kind of bizarre look that you find when guys fixate on those upper-body sex-appeal areas don’t train their whole bodies.  See the latter pictures…

Now, before you start giving yourself a complex over it, all manner of fitness training should be undertaken with realistic goals in mind that reflect your current and future physical limitations.  That goes not just for developing strength, tone, stamina and general health, but also the personal body image that you may be crafting or changing right along with it.  Not all of us got dealt the Arnold genes.  Hell, not all of us got dealt skinny Ed Norton’s muscle genes.  For some of us, no matter how hard we work, we’ll never be as bulky, lean, tall, thick, strong, furry, svelte, bearded, ripped or George-Clooney-pretty as we maybe wish we were.  BUT almost every single one of us can be better tomorrow or next week or next month than we are today.  It’s all about being willing to accept our limitations without despairing over them and being willing to take the genetic hands that we DID get dealt and put in the effort necessary to make the most of them.

So, GO FORTH—ye who stir and are motivated by the onset of the vernal months, ye for whom the promise of swimsuit weather and more nekkidness approaches, ye who long to craft anew your image and unlock your body’s potential for fitness and primal, masculine sex appeal!  Get thee to a gym!  Run in the park!  Sweat to the oldies in your living room!  Take a yoga class!  Gather ye dumbbells while ye may—but for the love of GAWD, don’t skip leg day!! 

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SO TRUE! Need to post a new pic

cubster76-deactivated20140114 asked: Graz body on every day. First til last

Thanks ;-)

Down to 184.7 :-)

I completely revamped my work out and have made pretty solid gains since I started this whole mess.

Squats - Start: 195  Current: 275

Bench - Start: 135 Current: 235

I have consistently stuck with slow carb.  Biggest change - I have thrown in high intensity as a final set for all lifting.  In short, I lower the weight and do extremely slow reps - go until failure.

Fuck sit-ups btw - best thing for your stomach - squats.  

I’ve officially been on the slow carb diet for 6 months and hoping it has become a habit.  I love my cheat days (once a week) and find that I appreciate bad shit so much more… lol.

A worthy 17 mins…


Sexual Tension: Volatile Exclusive - The Cousin, directed by Marco Berger



Ehh. I decided to take a shower instead.

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As much as I wish it was southern-beef… I  think that was yahoo’s fault. ;-)

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